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Nailing Author Interviews

Are you an aspiring author? A debut novelist whose book is about to be published? Or someone who is nervous about doing author interviews? My course, Nailing Author Interviews, might be just what you need to help put your best foot forward. 

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About the course

Does the thought of being interviewed shake your confidence? Looking to build or improve your interview skills? ​ Then, this is just the course you need. 

What you'll get in my Nailing Author Interviews Course:

  • 4-5 hours of combined video instruction, reading material, podcast grabs and exercises

  • Practical tips to help you identify key strategies to make the most out of any interview opportunity

  • A guide to marketing yourself as a podcast or interview guest and how to find interview opportunities

  • Strategies to help spread the word about your work and build your network of readers

 A one-time payment of $75 gets you access to the course for 30 days. 

What people say about my course:


Claudine Tinellis is a highly experienced podcaster and in this course she shares a fantastic array of tips and tricks for authors wanting to nail their media interviews. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is nervous about being interviewed, or simply wants to improve their skills. The course contains exercises which will ensure you are fully prepared when it's your time to shine!'

~ Cassie Hamer, bestselling author of "After the Party" and "The End of Cuthbert Close". 


 Claudine has put together a wonderful course for authors starting on the promotional trail.  Lots of tips, handy hints and practical advise on how to nail the all-important author interview.  I wish this course had been around when I first started out!

~Sandie Docker, bestselling author of "The Kookaburra Creek Cafe", "The Cottage at Rosella Cove", "The Banksia Bay Beach Shack" and "The Wattle Island Book Club". 


This is such a positive course for any aspiring writer or debut author about to embark on the world of promotion; exactly what a newbie interviewee should be expected to know. 

The course is easy to follow, interesting, and informative. And not too time consuming (which I like). All the points you've made about preparing for interviews are clear and concise. I love your added podcast grabs too.

~Chrissie Bellbrae, author of "The Florentine Quilt" due to be published  by Odyssey Books in 2022.


I loved this course. As a debut author preparing to release my first novel in 2022, I want to be as prepared as I can. There are so many books to compete with, so many established authors with a strong reader base, it is daunting to consider how new writers can break into the industry and achieve sales. Author interviews are a great way to spread the word about your book but like anything, being engaging, as well as showing gratitude and courtesy all go a long way. Thank you for opening my eyes and ears to this secret little world, Claudine. Your podcast has been one of my staples and this course is a must for anyone preparing to launch a book!

~ Kylie Orr, Author of "Someone Else's Child" (HarperCollins, 2022)


This is such a great course Claudine, it’s multi media, it’s got space for reflection, it gave me so much information, but never felt boring or overwhelming. Couldn’t recommend it more highly enough.


~ Anna Loder, owner of bookshop, Anna’s Shop Around the Corner in Cronulla, Sydney. 


Thanks so much, Claudine! Loved this course. Full of practical tips about the purpose of interviews, how to prepare for them, and how to make them work for both you and the interviewer. Hearing things from the interviewer's side of things was really helpful. A really great resource for newbie and debut authors. Thank you!! 

~ Dinuka McKenzie Author of
"The Torrent"(HarperCollins, 2022)


With my debut novel coming out on 2nd Feb '22, I've just completed this great online course and made a tonne of notes! Thank you, Claudine, for providing a newbie like me with such useful tips on preparing for podcasts or other interviews.

~ Joanna Buckley, Author of "Lily Harford's Last Request"(HarperCollins, 2022)


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