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Coastal Chef is a unique entry in the Australian cookbook scene. Fifty recipes from nineteen Australian chefs, using a selection seaweed and algae species from seven different countries.


An eclectic collection of inspiring and innovative recipes catering for the inexperienced and sophisticated cookbook consumer alike, this book is a visual feast.  


Tastefully and practically educating readers on the multitude joys and benefits of eating seaweed and algae, it takes seaweed beyond the sushi roll. 


Coastal Chef is a must-have for all who want to eat clean, sustainable foods that taste sensational and which are nutritionally beneficial to human health. The rising incidence of serious lifestyle diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes means it has never been more important for us to make good food choices. 


Featuring a stellar cast of Australian chefs, Coastal Chef presents a compelling, mouth-watering case for the habitual consumption of this versatile food of the future

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